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    Wildish protects the planet through donations and actions. We believe every day adventures can be wildishly fun while still having bigger purpose and positive impact.
    Our Values - ish
    Ish is a mindset, a way of life. Add ish to anything to chill things out and add more playfulness.

    i = inclusivity. We want to enable outdoorsy experiences with people at all levels. Everyone is encouraged to get outside in any way they desire. The Wildish world is for all of us.

    s = shareability
    We believe outside time is best when shared. We create products that are designed for friends, not individual pursuits. The Wildish world is not anti-social.

    h = honesty
    We communicate openly with our community and customers. Have a question? Just ask. We strive for transparency and clear communication in everything we do. The Wildish world is fair and honest.

    The Community
    Wildish is an inclusive outdoorsy community built around the love of nature, play, and a desire to care for the environment and others around us. We are parents, students, daughters, and sons who share a deep love for outdoorsy experiences, personal development, exploration, and most importantly, paying it forward by helping each other.
    We donate $1 every time you adventure with purpose
    By completing monthly challenges designed to protect our planet


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