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    🙌 Next Steps! 
    1. Check your inbox, a confirmation email should show up in a few moments, if you don't see it search for emails from!
    2. Reply to that email and say hi!
    3. Follow us @staywildish

    - chat soon :)  

    Very Bad Things You Should NOT Do

    • Don’t spam, tell stories. People like stories.
    • Don’t give us viruses or try and hack your way into our bank accounts. That's nasty.
    • Don’t post ugly stuff. The world is ugly enough, make it beautiful.
    • Don’t be a robot. Robots are evil. Be human, people like humans.
    • Don’t be a jerkface. A jerkface is someone who discriminates, defrauds, hates, or acts in anger. Don’t do any of that.

    Very Good Things You Should Do

    • Do tag us when you are using #wildish stuff, when you're being #wildish, or thinking of #wildish things. We don't have tagging frequency expectations, that's lame. Just do what feels right. 
    • Do be honest if something sucks. Your good ideas help us make things better.
    • Do stop by our shop in Bend, OR. We'd love to meet in person, give you the tour, and have a beer... or two.
    • Do invite us to your outdoorsy gatherings, we love making new friends.
    • Do use your Wildish gear discount code. You can't rep well without a sticker, hat, shirt, Mr. Big blanket, M.C. Hammie, or all the things :) It's your call, we're just excited to have you on-board, let's do this!

    Hold tight, you'll hear from us soon! 



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