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    I’m Adam, co-founder of Wildish, thanks for your interest in joining. There's over 6,000 Wildish Friends already adventuring with purpose - it's unbelievable!

    Something like this has never been done before, hope you love it.

    All our best,

    Wildish Friends Club with Karma Coin

    Who we are

    The Wildish Friends Club is an inclusive outdoorsy community built around the love of nature, play, and a desire to care for the environment and others around us.

    Our Mission

    Wildish protects the planet through donations and actions. We believe every day adventures can be wildishly fun while still having bigger purpose and positive impact.

    We donate $1 every time you adventure with purpose

    By completing monthly challenges designed to protect our planet


    past wildish challenge pictures

    Challenges are built around being outside, being mindful, and adventuring with purpose

    How it works

        1. You Join the Club
          Submit your application below then follow the steps to create your account and start adventuring with purpose  

        2. You Buy Gear
          Shop Wildish and wear the buffalo with pride while completing monthly challenges spreading good vibes far and wide

        3. You Complete Monthly Challenges
          $1 gets donated to protect the planet for every challenge you complete! Challenges are built around being outside, being mindful, and adventuring with purpose 

    We've partnered with the planet's favorite environmental non-profits

    Is the Friends Club right for me?

    You’re inspired by nature and prioritize time with friends while spreading good time vibes outside. Your positive outdoorsy attitude is just what we want representing the Wildish culture.

    Join us to adventure with purpose, and stay Wildish!



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