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    I’m Adam, co-founder and head of community at Wildish. Thanks for your interest in joining. I’m stoked (can’t you tell, ha?) to invite you to the club this season.

    This is something new we are trying, hope you love it!

    All our best,

    What this is about

    We’re assembling the most Outdoorsy in the land to represent Wildish and the culture and attitude for which we stand. Playful Outdoorsy vibes are just too great to capture through a single activity so we’ve created a club that represents the vast variety of outdoorsy-centric activities: hikers, yogis, hammockers, hot springers, paddlers, and park chillers all do their part in representing the club.

    Why this is for you

    You’re inspired by nature, prioritize time with friends while spreading good time vibes outside. Your positive outdoorsy attitude is just what we want representing the Wildish culture and helping spread good time vibes far and wide.

    What we are offering

    We want Wildish Friends to get outside as much as possible with friends, pets, and mother nature. Go have a blast with your Wildish stuff while spreading chill outdoorsy vibes. Share your pics, grams, stories and snaps with the world, then tag us so we can get braggy-braggy about how amazingly cool you are.

    We don’t ever ask you to be shady or sneaky. We want you to tell stories like an outdoorsy human, not spam like an evil robot.

    1. Friendly Discounts
      A BIG discount on Wildish branded gear for you, we want you kitted up and staying comfy out there!
    2. Access to Wildish Events
      From beach sweeps and group hikes to outdoorsy brewery takeovers, you're first on the list
    3. Voting Rights on New Releases
      Bring your creative outdoorsy product ideas to life through the Wildish Friends Voting group!
    4. Early Access to New Products
      Because timing is everything, be the first to know when your new gear is dropping
    5. Earn Wildish Best Friend Status
      Have fun outside while doing good to earn pro-deals for life, along with Wildish brand inner circle benefits


    Through our partnerships with 1% For the Planet and 350.org we stand-up to the fossil fuel industry to stop all new coal, oil and gas projects and build clean energy for all!

    A percentage of each sale helps fund the fight against climate change! To solve the climate crisis, we need to organize for a Fossil Free world.



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