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    Heya future Club Leader of Wildish,

    Loving the Wildish vibe and want to get more involved? Great! We could use some help!! 😇

    I'm Rick, a co-founder and head of spreadsheets here at Wildish. Thanks for your interest in helping out, it's mucho appreciated.

    Below is the rundown and overall gist of what it means to be a Club Leader. If you decide to take the plunge then we're happy to have you on the team, but if you read this and decide it's too much commitment for you right now then that's ok too. No pressure here, it's up to you as an individual to make the call if it's right for you.

    All the best,


    What this is about

    If you're reading this you're most likely in the Wildish Friends Club and have met the amazing people and felt the positive energy we're cultivating. The Wildish Friends Club is all inclusive and full of amazing, inspiring, and all around fun characters and growing every day.

    Adam and I realized pretty early on that what the community wanted most was to get out, try new things, explore new places, and make fun new friends along the journey. And we couldn't have agreed more, so we started organizing statewide (local) Wildish Friends Clubs to get people together.

    Running a local Wildish Friends Club is no picnic, except when there's an actual picnic involved 😜, but is rewarding in that way that connecting with your community always is. We have high expectations for our Club Leaders and so do the other members of the Club. Leaders have a few responsibilities but the main one is to run regular activities for their local Wildish Friends to enjoy. Think you have what it takes?đŸ’Ș 


    What it takes

    A self starting, all inclusive, well organized, fun to be around person. You'd be responsible for the following:

    • Run at least 1 activity in your area every month
      Keep your group alive, connected, and thriving

    • Keep the convo going in your local Friends Club's FB group
      Ask and answer questions and comment on other's posts

    • Participate in the Wildish Friend's Club FB group
      Help keep the engagement of club members high


    What type of events 

    This is where your creativity and personality can shine. Currently the sky is the limit, but a really good place to start would be doing one of the current Karma Coin Challenges. Having a mission like one of the Challenges may be a good motivator for members. Here's a short list of other ideas to help get your creative juices overflowing:

    hiking, picnics, floats down the river, hot springs, beach trip, sledding, stand up paddle boarding, dog walks, outdoor movie night, camping, fishing, corn mazes, yoga in the park, watergun fight flash mob, etc. etc... you get the idea đŸ€™


    What you get

    You'll get experience organizing local events and helping to manage social media groups for a brand.

    You'll also be fast tracked to Wildish Good Friend and Best Friend status as you run trips and get further involved.

    Eventually we'd love to give all the Leaders free outdoorsy gear and exclusive trips to Tahiti but till then you'll be buried in gratitude by us and by your local community of Wildish Friends who've been dying to get outside... they just needed you as their Club Leader. đŸ€—

    As a Club Leader your ideas will be heard and incorporated into the system as a whole. These local Clubs will only be as good as their Leaders, which is why we're looking for people like you to step forward and take the buffalo by the horns.

    If all this sounds like a fun journey you'd love to embark upon please fill out the application below and we'll be in touch!

    Not a Wild
    ish Friend yet? First, join the Club. Apply Now



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