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    More modes, more fun. The mode list below is by no means complete. When you’re experimenting with new modes: be creative, be safe, and have fun.

    Hammie Mode

    Need: 2 strong trees 🌲🌲
    Creates: Oversized double hammock for king-sized comfort
    Difficulty: Easy

    Convert to hammie:

    1. Collect both red carabiners at each end of your M.C. Hammie
    2. Pull opposite directions

    Viola! You’ve reached Hammie Mode nirvana.

    Attach hammie:

    Option 1 (With just your M.C. Hammie)

    There are lots of ways to do this, here are a few options:

    1. Biners wrapped around opposite ways and clipped to self
    2. Extra long single strap single wrap, biner used to create self-cinching knot
    3. Extra long single strap setup with double wrap on tree and clipped to self

    Option 2 (with Wildish Freedom Straps)

    1. Cinch Freedom Straps around trees about 6 ft. high
    2. Clip M.C. Hammie to straps at desired height

    Warning: Make sure set-up is secure and won’t slip before you slide into your M.C. Hammie. First setup M.C. Hammie at chair height above ground and adjust for comfort.

    Blanket Mode

    Need: Ground space. Lots of space.
    Creates: A ground blanket for picnics, playtime, or sunbathing
    Difficulty: Super Easy

    Convert to blanket:

    1. Spread your M.C. Hammie out and lay it on the ground
    2. Done!

    Secure blanket [light play]:

    1. Stake down all 4 corners through silver and red carabiners

    Secure blanket [heavy play]:

    1. Stake down all 4 corners through silver and red carabiners
    2. Stake down all 4 edges through middle webbing loops

    Reminder: M.C. Hammies are machine washable. Be sure to remove carabiners before dropping in washer. Always air dry.

    Fort Mode

    Need: 2 hiking poles/sticks, cord, ground stakes
    Creates: A shady and cozy space for a play, nap or family pet
    Difficulty: Moderate

    Tip: Don’t overthink this one. If 4 year olds can build a fort so can you.

    Convert to fort:

    1. Stake out the 4 corners, leaving loose fabric on two opposing sides
    2. Use hiking poles/sticks to “pop” your M.C. Hammie into an a-frame style fort
    3. Fortify your fort with cord and stakes if needed

    Note: Remember, there are many ways to fort. As long as you’ve created a cozy nook underneath a makeshift roof you’ve officially become the coolest person on earth to a legion of little ones. Bask in the glow of your new super powers.

    Couch Mode

    Need: 2 sets of Freedom Straps or rope, and 2 strong trees 🌲🌲
    Creates: Couch like seating for you and friends
    Difficulty: Moderately Difficult

    Tip: Tautness is crucial for the success of couch mode.

    Convert to couch:

    1. Create 4 points of attachment: 2 high and 2 low
    2. Find long edge of your M.C. Hammie and grab the silver biner at either end
    3. Clip to both high points of attachment
    4. Find other long edge of your M.C. Hammie and grab the silver biner at either end
    5. Clip to both low points of attachment
    6. Boom! Enjoy the world’s first hammock-couch

    Watch Rick convert the M.C. Hammie into Couch Mode

    A Galaxy of M.C. Hammie Modes

    We don’t want to spoil the fun by showing you all the modes. Needless to say there are WAY more than the four shown here. To give you a taste of what’s possible here’s a short-list of names we’ve given other modes:

    • Three-Way-Play Mode
    • Shade-Caster Mode
    • Mummy Mode
    • Bed-Bug Mode
    • Four-Way Fruit-In-The-Basket Mode
    • Parachute Mode (no jumping out of planes please)
    • Pyramid Mode
    • Privacy Mode
    • Pup-Palace Mode
    • Batman Mode
    • Shamu Mode
    • Ghost Mode
    • Superwoman Mode

    Share with us what modes you and the gang come up with, @staywildish on the socials or xoxo@staywildish.com on the emails. Go Play.

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