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Wildish Wha... What is Wildish? Makers of outdoorsy gear for friends, silly. That’s right... we added a ‘y’ because small tweaks make a BIG difference for your good times in the outdoors. We assemble the best outdoor gear concepts and add crazy value by innovating on that function and that fun.

Everyday we boogie into work to do our damn-damndest to make stuff that will hugely improve your outdoor experience.

Fun Times is what we eat for breakfast so we know what it's made of:

  1. Good Friends

  2. Great music

  3. Cold drinks with salty snacks

  4. And cool stuff that never lets us down

Number 4 is where we come in... We know that’s a big responsibility but we are big boyz, with big hearts and have what it takes to earn your trust AND keep it.

Are you pickin up what we’re putting down? Perfecto. Then here’s why... One reason, one excuse.


Chill that extreme-yness

Maybe you’re into nothing but extreme-yness… if you are, hit the bricks, Sally! There’s already heaps of companies making stuff for peeps like you. Sorry for calling you Sally.

Wildish is here to serve the under served, super chill side of the outdoor community… ladies, gents and others that fill their outdoor hearts by not only doing adventure things like this:

But more often things like this:

Who we kidding? More like this:



We want to work with friends on fun stuff

So, we’re here for the everyday peeps... outdoorsy people who choose to enjoy nature rather than conquer it. Of course, all you bad-ass-conquerors are also welcome but pop that chill pill, crack a frosty one and leave the crampons at home, please.