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    Why are the M.C. Hammies limited edition?
    A lot of people, including ourselves, aren't fans of mass-produced stuff. They would rather pay a little bit more for unique things you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, this allows us to always be creating one-of-a-kind art to be used for our products to keep things fresh and more fun for our customers.


    What is the difference between “outdoor” and “outdoorsy” gear
    Outdoor gear is for extreme adventures. Outdoorsy gear is for fun times playing with friends.


    We are coming through Bend, can we meet you guys?
    Most definitely! Rick and I love showing customers around the office, answering Qs and sharing our story.


    What are Wildish Outdoorsy Parties?
    It’s when you host a gathering of friends at work, home, or school, and we’ll bring fun outdoorsy time to you and your pals. We help design a custom invitation, supply a bunch of yard games and gear to play with. Every attendee gets a nice discount on Wildish gear. Also, everyone will walk away with a free small gift and be entered to win more Wildish Outdoorsy Gear!


    Have you always lived in Bend?
    No. I (Adam) am from Austin and Rick is from Portland. We both moved here because the outdoorsy options are abound! The rivers, trails, and community in Bend is the best we’ve found anywhere.


    Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We do ship internationally!


    What’s next?
    We have so many ideas, but for now we are focused on making the Wildish brand as strong as possible by making the most playful outdoorsy products anywhere. We have a high standard for everything we make and back all purchases with surprise and delight. Sounds super cheesy but I don't know how else to say it.



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